BTL Planet Kids Preschool provides every room with Air-condition.

Child Development Zone: This colorful center provides children all the tools and aids which foster their all round development. From puzzles, blocks, flash cards to hammer set, beads- the place is equipped with innovative teaching aids.

Info tech Zone: To make Prideens computer friendly, a computer lab with 25 computers, a huge software library and a team of professional teachers give the children regular sessions on the basic working of computers.

Creativity Zone: This is the place where the talents of children are discovered and honed. Music sessions, dance classes, craft workshops and painting sessions are conducted in this beautifully set center.

Science Zone: Teachers conduct experiments on water and air, explain the phenomenon of magnetism and such basic scientific facts .This helps in developing a scientific attitude and a questioning mind in little ones.

Audio Visual Zone: In this spacious room with smart boards, every concept is given the shape of virtual reality. Not only concepts, children indulge in fun with friends watching Noddy or their favorite flicks like Hanuman .

Toy House: : Probably the most beautiful room for children. Variety of toys & dolls with their bed and the whole set up of a house gives the child the opportunity to do role play with their peer group and learn social interaction.

Play Ground: We are having small Fun Park for children to play with open minds within the safety of school.